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Sometimes we don't notice our mind wanders, reacting to whatever is going on inside and out.
There's a big difference between conscious thinking, and the constant uncontrolled rambling thoughts going on in our mind.

It is really important to realize that those thoughts are not us, its just our Monkey Mind.

The first step is to acknowledge we have a Monkey Mind within, and than we have the choice of listening to it and making a monkey of ourselves or not.

Song: Monkey Mind

Lyrics, Vocals, Electric Sitar: Nir Koren

B. Vocals: Tehila Kramer

Musical Production, Guitars & Bass: Siddharth Sharma

Guitars: Droopad Bujarbaruah

Drums and Percussion: Arko Ganguly

Mixing and Mastering: Siddharth Sharma



He know just how to fool me

To keep me trap inside

Using thoughts which are not mine

Keeping me leashed

He knows just how to fool me 

Using my emotion

Yaks its truth to make me blind 

Fooling me my monkey mind

And I can feel it deep inside me

Saying grab it you must have it or you will die

And its inside me yet it is inside me

He wants control yells give me more

He got me trap inside

Got to out run my monkey mind

He makes me want what I don't want

Need what I don't need

Holds me a like doll with strings

As he keeps whispering to me

©2019 by Koren Music.



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